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The crown jewel of the Bulgarian Black Sea coast is situated at the end of the big Varna Bay, with a convenient water area and port. The city of Varna was founded as Odessos in the 6th century BC by the Greeks. The biggest Bulgarian town port on the Black Sea, today Varna is an important commercial, cultural and resort center. The sea is amazingly calm and free of dangerous tides and the city is clean and green. Varna's peculiar charm is sublime and moving. Ancient, medieval, renaissance and modern cultures mingle and coexist throughout the city. In the course of more than seven millennia, the coast has been the cradle of several significant civilizations. Humankind's oldest gold has been excavated here. Varna is a city of old culture, living traditions and ambitious undertakings. This beautiful resort offers a variety of sights reflecting its turbulent history: original Roman Aqueducts and Thermal Baths, early-Christian basilica with intricate mosaics decoration and some nice Greek and Byzantine monuments. There is hardly a city in Bulgaria that has so many museum opportunities.

Varna Highlights (HD)

It is a thrilling experience that we would like to offer you. This tour will bring your attention to the things that are a must, bring you closer to the Bulgarian history and traditions. Leaving the port area behind, your motor coach will leisurely make its way to the attractive Assumption Cathedral, an imposing landmark, which contains a finely carved iconostasis and a bishop's throne, some interesting murals and stained glass. Continue your drive through the network of Varna's quiet streets past the Naval Academy, and soon afterwards you will arrive at the Archaeological Museum that holds one of the country's richest collections. A special treasury displays priceless gold jewels and amazing ancient toreutic works. The icon and church plate exposition is very impressive. Rejoin your motor coach for the scenic drive outside Varna along the famed Bulgarian Riviera. Savor spectacular views of the delightful Golden Sands Resort, picturesquely set on wooded slopes leading down to a warm calm sea and sandy beaches. Here you will be treated to a dramatic display of Bulgarian folklore at a local restaurant. Enjoy dancers, musicians and singers, all performing in colorful national costumes, as you sip the exquisite refreshment. There will be time for souvenir shopping at a lively handicraft market.

Historical Varna (FD)

Explore the wealth of the city's wondrous sights and discover its rich cultural heritage on this comprehensive excursion. You will be whisked by a motor coach from the pier to the Roman Thermae, public baths dating back to the 2nd century. During the past century enough has been revealed by archaeologists to give a good impression of the original layout, though some parts of the building remain hidden under nearby streets. Then continue with a guided visit to the Ethnographic Museum, nestled in the charming ancient area of Varna and housed in the 19th century building typical of this region. The museum has exhibits showing traditional means of livelihood and costumes with varying demographic features. Folk festivals and rituals are also explained. Next it is time to relax and enjoy a scenic drive along the famed Bulgarian Riviera en route to your next destination, the Aladja Monastery which is one of the few preserved and accessible rock monasteries in Bulgaria, dating from the early Middle Ages and conforming to the idea of asceticism and moral perfection. Multicolored 13th-14th century frescoes are still discernible on its walls. Following this visit, you will stop for lunch at a local restaurant and then head for the Golden Sands Resort located 17 km away from the city of Varna -- a unique combination of a calm and warm sea, wooded slopes descending to a beach, covered with fine golden sand, and mineral springs. It has been awarded the prestigious Blue Flag international ecology prize several times. The natural conditions favor bathing and basking in the sun from May through October.

Nessebar City Tour with Lunch (FD)

Enjoy a leisurely 40 miles drive across the rolling hills and spectacular Bulgarian countryside. While you pass through picturesque quaint towns with their centuries-old vineyards, your guide will provide a narrative description of the country's historical background and the inhabitants' way of the life today. Enjoy a short stop at a restaurant on the way to Nessebar where a thirst-quenching refreshment will be served. Nestling on a small rocky peninsula, the more than 3,000-year-old Bulgarian town of Nessebar was originally a Thracian settlement Messambria. The city's remains, which date mostly from the Hellenistic period, include the acropolis, a temple of Apollo, an agora and a wall from the Thracian fortifications. Among other monuments are the Old Metropolitan Basilica and the medieval Byzantine fortress. Nessebar's rich and exotic past has earned this museum town a place on UNESCO's World Heritage List. Walk through one of the oldest towns in Europe that still exudes the spirit of different ages and peoples. Nessebar's greatest wealth are its many churches: St. Sophia, the Old Metropolitan Church, Basilica of St. John Alyturgetos, the New Metropolitan Church, Church of Christ Pantocrator. The mural ornamentation of each church constitutes a unique harmony of stone, red brick, variegated ceramic rosettes and circular plates. During your visit of the site a stop will be made at the Archaeological Museum. There will be an opportunity to purchase some mementos followed by lunch and a Bulgarian folk show arranged in a local restaurant.

Trip to Balchik (FD)

This fascinating excursion is one of the finest ways to become acquainted with Bulgarian historical, architectural and cultural heritage. Enjoy a scenic drive outside Varna along the famed Bulgarian Riviera. Savor spectacular views of the ancient Bulgarian town of Balchik, magnificently perched on the terraced hillside and inhabited by Greek explorers as far back as in the 3rd century BC. The main sights of this charming seaside town are pointed out by your guide as your motor coach slowly makes its way through the network of old streets to the Tenha Jova (Quiet Nest) Palace. Marvel at the intricate architectural design of this Oriental-style former summer residence of Romanian Queen Maria. Enjoy a leisurely walk around the botanical garden decorated with columns, fountains, vaults and water-mills. Explore an attractive 19th-century chapel and take a moment to see the iconostasis portraying Queen Maria and her daughter Illiana. Next a Bulgarian-style lunch with wine will be served at a local restaurant. Enjoy dancers, musicians and singers, all performing in colorful national costumes.