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Visiting Ukraine is a delight for anyone who is well versed in ancient or modern history, geopolitics, or art, but one does not have to be any of that to succumb to the charm of old but ever-youthful Kyiv - a splendid place over the Dnipro river.
Since time immemorial these open spaces between the rivers Don and Danube were occupied by different nations and glorious communities of the past. These come-and-go occupants established their political regimes, in due time celebrated their rise and imminent decline at a place that attracted them like magnet. It is the mid-of-the Dnipro river plain that was the focus for all sorts of hordes and vanquishers through the ages where golden domed Kyiv has been standing for the last 1500 years at least. The Dnipro river – the mystical Borysthenes of ancient Greeks, “the Father grey-haired Slovutych” of medieval Slavs, the living organism that divides and connects Ukrainian lands, Ukrainian history, Ukrainian language and culture. For more than a thousand years it serves the purposes of commerce and cultural exchange between the North as far as Scandinavia and the South as far as the lands of Islam, the West as far as the Carpathian mountains and the East as far as the Sea of Azov . It was taken forcefully too many times but it remembers everything, the most glorious moment being the baptism of Kievan people in 988 A.D. under the legendary Prince Volodymir. Kyiv is a thriving European capital with its attractions and problems typical for cities of such caliber all over the world. At the same time it has the charm and the beauty of an old city filled with historical monuments from ancient, medieval and modern times and you will feel the majestic air of Kyiv even after just a day spent there.
At the end of your day’s staying in Kyiv you will stop at a local restaurant for refreshment before transfer to the airport and the flight back to Odessa.