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Constanta, the second largest city of Romania situated 250 km east of Bucharest, is the country's main harbor town and gateway to the beach resorts. The oldest urban settlement (with an uninterrupted existence of 2,500 years), it is the gravity center of the Romanian tourism in the summer. Its beach has been used ever since the ancient times, but the first balneary dwellings with a modern design date back to 1878. The city preserves a great many vestiges of the Greek, Roman and Byzantine periods. On top of its charming appearance, Constanta is also a center of art and culture, with several museums and theaters. Traces of the city's long history are scattered all over the city or exhibited in the National History and Archaeology Museum, one of the leading European museums. The city was the place of exile of the Roman poet Ovid for nine years, until his death in AD 17. Ovid described the time spent here in his famous cycles of poems "Ponticae" and "Tristia". His tomb in now marked by a statue-monument in the square that bears his name.

Constanta City Tour (HD)

The first record of the settlement describes the ancient city of Tomis, founded in the 7th century BC by Greek settlers and reconstructed by Constantine the Great. After driving along Tomis harbor, the coach will make a photostop at the Casino Building on your way to Mamaia Resort. You'll be amazed by the French-like and Art Deco architecture of many of the houses in the old quarter. The Faleza is the perfect place for a stroll. Its stylish design culminates with the century-old Casino, built right on the waterfront. It is a real treat to see the magnificent building withstand the force and fury of waves in a storm. During your drive to Mamaia your guide will introduce you to the most beautiful sights. Mamaia is the biggest resort situated between long beaches with fine golden sand and Siutghiol Lake. Next explore the Archaeological Museum that has an important collection of ancient treasures discovered along the Black Sea coast, among which are the remains of a large Roman mosaic tile floor. The most prized exhibits are marble mythological statues, one of a serpent with an antelope's head, human ears and a lion's tail. Then you will have an opportunity to see the resort of Eforie Nord, a great place to relax. Gain insights into the spiritual life in Romania when you visit Tekirghiol Orthodox Monastery. The tour also includes snacks and a folk show.

Constanta Highlights (HD)

Start your tour in the small leisure harbor called Tomis. Among the boats sheltered there it is not unusual to see some from the other end of the world but the most amazing one in the port is definitely the 80 years old Queen Maria's yacht. Proceed to the beautiful Casino Building to take some photographs and head for Mamaia Resort where most of the entertainment destinations in the city are located. The largest of the Romanian beach resorts, Mamaia offers a great summer getaway and receives thousands of visitors every year. Then you will be invited to the National History and Archaeology Museum which offers an image of Romanian history from the middle Paleolithic period until the present. Your guide will introduce you to the most noteworthy exhibits such as "The Fantastic Snake Glykon", "The Thinker and His Woman", and liturgical silver objects. Apart from the museum, evidence of the city's Greek, Roman, and Byzantine past are huge amphorae and ancient wall remains. The tour also includes performance of a choir in St Peter and Paul Cathedral.